Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Ah, what a change a couple of days can make. Yesterday, was another scorcher in the 40's coming out of Rotterdam. But I did what I should have done on Tuesday - cycled into the city and bought a decent map. The best 5 Euros that i have ever spent. I finally got out of the city and made my way South East. I think that i did about 70k's. It was so hot, I was worried about me and the bike. As it was a 'b&b night' after two nights in the woods, I stumbled upon the wonderful, yet somehow'truman-esque' town of Werkendam. I had a great fondue meal and found a lovely penthouse b&b on the top floor of a new block of flats. And after a very cold shower, had a couple
of beers with my hosts. I would highly Recommend this b&b to anyone who stumbles upon this

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