Wednesday, 28 June 2006

On my way to Venlo

My hosts sent me off the next day on a wonderful bike route through the villages nearby and on my way to Venlo. It was a perfect day for cycling. It was an easy route in and out of towns. It rained in the morning which was much needed as it cooled everything off and the rest of the day was overcast, which gave much needed releaf to my sunburned body. Yesterday's route was among farmland. Today's among villages, which I so much more prefer. The bike is running great and i am making good time & distance. 121 k's today. Excellent. And i'm not the least bit sore. I could get into Germany tomorrow if I keep up this rate. I am excited to see that I am on the Rhein Route
which must mean that it ends on the most wonderful river in the world, that would be the Rhein.

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