Sunday, 25 June 2006


I woke up the next morning to dew and heat. Today was going to be hot. I set off according to my map looking for the right bike path. This proved to be more difficult that i imagine. Now, we all know that bad maps means a bad journey, but unfortunately I didn't really realise that I had a bad map until i was well on my way..... Down the wrong path. After too many kilometres of cycling in circles just below rotterdam in 40 degree weather, my patience was well gone. I once again settled
down for the night in the woods close to Rotterdam. Now for those following on the map, you can see that the Hook of Holland is merely 20 k's from Rotterdam. And this is the distance that i covered that day. I cried and I swore a lot, but did not cover much territory. Maybe it was just because it was my first day in Europe and I was just getting used to the layout or maybe because it was hot or most likely it was because i am stubborn and had a crappy map.... Yup,
that's the reason. I have wasted a day of travelling. Nothing good has come from this day...

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