Saturday, 1 July 2006

31 July (Frankfurt, Germany)

I get to the bike shop and get the bike fixed up in good shape. Most of my components are being replaced - from my back wheel to my sprockets to my pedals to my crank shaft. Ouch. Double ouch. This takes them until Tuesday afternoon to fix but I do hope that it solves my problems. I also have them Install two front panniers in order to distribute the weight better around the bike so that 80 percent of the weight is no longer above me back wheel. Ah, live and learn. This is why staying a few extra days in Frankfort is great for me - i have learned a lot in the previous week of travelling
that i would never had know before starting. This gives me a chance to make changes to my bike and gear and begin the next 2/3s of my travels. I am though beginning to get a bit excited about getting back on the bike and Getting along the main river.

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