Sunday, 16 July 2006

What is the past tense of 'ping' ?

Whatever it is, i have done it. yesterday was a great day. i was warmly welcomed by around 100 people who had gathered for the anti millitary base demo that was occuring. i spoke briefly about my journey and about my opposition to the bases. to tell you the truth, i felt a little pang of 'jane fonda' itus, but i figured that we are not at war, yet, with the czech republic, so i felt that i could speak out. and i said nothing different that what i have been saying for many years and through many demonstrations. There was a lot of media there and it was a bit overwhelming to have many photos taken of me upon arrival, but i think i was a bit of an oddity, a u.s. citizen speaking out against war, against the miltary bases and for peaceful solutions.
Anyway, i feel a 'pang' of sadness that it is over, but i also refreshed and ready to get back to london.

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