Monday, 3 July 2006

Miltenburg to Hussen, just beyond Scweinfort 130k's

I am in the town of Hussen waiting for my bike to be tuned. Ever since leaving Frankfort, I have noticed that the back wheel (DAMN that back wheel!!!!!!) has been riding slightly flt in one area.
I wonder if it is because it is an new wheel and old tire. Does the tire need shaping? Anyhoo, once again, I was fortunate as this tiny wonderful town has an excellent bike shop. Now, I thought that the town of Aschaffenburg sucked, but Schweinfort makes it look like Berlin to me. Okay, maybe not that much of a difference, but again, maybe because of the timing or whatever, but some towns i
just hate because they all look the same. Same bloody shops, same bloody bored kids hanging about. I spent the night roughing it just outside of Schweinfort and had a great dinner. I was told when asked about bike shops that i should go back to Schweinfort as it was closer or I could hold on until Hussen. And for once, my stubbornness has paid off. No way was I going to back track even 3 or 4 kilometers and go back to that horrid town even with my bike not in great shape.
For now, the traveler-snob takes presedence over the more sensible cyclist. Which probably isnt the smartest thing. But i pushed on and was rewarded. Now, when anyone comes to Hussen, they might wonder why I thought that it was such a brillant place and I do admit that maybe that has to do with their bike shop which wont matter much to those who dont have a bike, but I tell you it is a great place. And when you come here, check out the bike shop. It is just beyond the town towers on the east end. Tell 'em, I sent you. The guy who just pointed a lot and spoke in bad bicycle
german (who out there knows the german word for 'spoke'? Again, free beer to anyone who does and tells me upon my return).
So, i am now waiting for my bike to be fixed. I dont know what the difficulity really is, but the woman in the bike shop recognized the problem right away and with a flurry took my bike to the back shop to get it repaired. Man, i think that i will come to germany to get my bike fixed from now on. Hell, maybe even come to Hussen as they were so darn good. But, it is just easier to get things done here. I have not had any problems in the shop that I encounter in England.
I have decided that i am too emotionally attached to my bike. I am in a very needy relationship with 'the hog.' I guess that it makes a bit of sense, as that is my means of transport, but I a very sensitive when it comes to dealing with my bicycle. My head says relax, it will be taken care of, but my body is wrapped up in worry about it's condition. Look around you what you see is great. You are in a lovely small town and the bike is being fixed. I guess that i am tired of having to make plans to go to bike shops. This is my 3rd one since starting. Things are better this stop isnt nearly as bad as the previous two with the broken spokes. So, i guess, it is getting better. After this, i hope only to have to deal with things that i can repair, not difficulties that require a bit more know-how and tools than I have. I so enjoy cycyling in theory that sometimes the practical aspects of it overwhelm me. This trip is becoming less of a propaganda anti-war tool to a more personal challenge / journey / test for me. And it is difficult.
Yesterday was another whale of a day. I started off really early at 6am after a very cold and wet night under a tree (man, I really should have brought my sleeping bag with me....). I cant do another night like that, so I hope to find a bag in some town ahead of me.

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